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Find answers to common questions about getting help with Privy, including how to contact support.

Platform Status

How do I know if Privy is fully operational?

Visit to get real-time information about the Privy platform's operational status. Click Subscribe To Updates to receive alerts about any change in status.

Privy experienced an outage. What do I do?

In the rare event that Privy experiences an outage, the Status Page will be your best resource for any effects it may have had on your campaigns, emails, or text messages. The engineering team strives to resolve any issue in a manner that ensures proper deployment of your content and backfills analytics information. If this is not possible, additional information is sent to any affected accounts. If you're uncertain of an outage's impact on your account, please contact support.

Channels and Availability

How do I contact the Support Team?

The best ways to contact the Support Team are through the in-app "Help" widget or by submitting an email ticket here. These channels will ensure you get the fastest response and solution possible. To access in-app support: 

  • Log into your Privy account.
  • Select the Live Chat button at the top right.
  • If the prompt reads "Chat with Privy!" an agent will join the conversation shortly.
  • If the prompt reads "Contact us" and asks for your email address, agents aren't available, and an email ticket will be created instead. 
  • Submit your question in the prompt. When providing an initial inquiry, please provide as detailed an explanation as possible. This information allows the support agent to identify and address your questions or challenges more effectively. 

Note: The turnaround time for a non-chat support inquiry is one business day. Customers on paid plans receive priority support over those using Privy's free option. 

When is the Support Team available?

Support availability varies by channel:

  • Live chat support is available from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday.
  • Email support is available from 9 AM to 6:30 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

Does Privy offer phone support?

Privy does not offer phone support; however, a Support agent may offer to jump on a call if your particular issue warrants it. 

How can I reach each department?

The Billing, Compliance, and Technical teams offer dedicated inboxes and email addresses. If you were provided information and are unsure where your request would be going, the team-specific addresses are as follows: 

Email Address
Technical (DNS)

Website support policy

Initial install: Installation documentation is available for various platforms, and the Support Team will provide as much guidance as possible to ensure Privy is installed properly. However, the Support Team will not edit your site code directly. Instead, the team will refer you to your website platform's support documentation or channels for specific questions about your site code. 

Website conflicts: Privy regularly invests engineering resources to ensure that Privy runs optimally on your website and does not interfere with common website functions. Please note that conflicts with site styling (CSS) and custom JavaScript (JS) are possible. The Support Team will do its best to help you identify these possible conflicts but will not edit your site code directly. Instead, the team will refer you to check with your website developer for a sustainable resolution. 

Integrated vendor policy

Privy integrates with many different platforms and services. The platforms that integrate with Privy typically provide their own support documentation that can be referenced should an issue arise. Privy will offer support around those integrations only as they relate to Privy-specific functionality. 

Additionally, issues resulting from your use of APIs or other code modifications may be outside the scope of support. 

Policies & Legal documents

To reflect a constantly changing legislative landscape, Privy routinely updates the company's various service documents. The most recent versions are linked below. Please review these documents to ensure that your business remains compliant while using Privy services. 

If you have questions about these documents, please email

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