Why Haven't My DNS Records Verified?

The default address used to send emails from your account is a shared Privy address. However, to improve your email deliverability and build trust with your email recipients, this address should be updated to reflect your specific domain and brand.

Check out the resource below if you've attempted to make this change but have encountered verification issues. 

Invalid records

Typically, we'd suggest that you copy and paste the host values provided in your account:


However, some providers will not verify when your brand and top-level domains are excluded from these host values. For example, if you enter privy-sg in the Host Name, the provider will throw an error because it expects privy-sg.yourdomain.com instead. 

Add your domain information to each host value and input those values instead to troubleshoot this issue. After adding your domain to the records, they will look something like the following: 


Note: You will still be able to send emails from your domain if the TXT record for scph1218._domainkey is not verified. In some cases, your domain will use the hosting provider's DKIM instead.

Additional resources

Privy Support

Leave the Support Team a voicemail containing your DNS-related question at 619-431-4373. The team will return your call between 9 AM and 5 PM EST - excluding weekends and holidays.

Note: This phone number is only for DNS questions. All other inquiries should be directed to Privy's Support Team via email or via the chat widget at the bottom right of this screen. 

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