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Overview of the Plays Dashboard

Quickly select, customize, and launch displays with the Plays dashboard. The pre-built [plays][1] represent the top-performing displays from across Privy's customer base with all of the best practices already baked in. ![][2] # Access the dashboard To access your Plays dashboard, on the main navigation bar, select …

Basic Convert Plan Overview

The Basic Convert plan is Privy’s introductory offering for new stores looking for a simple way to get started with list growth. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about the Basic Convert plan. ## Who is eligible for the Basic Convert Plan? The plan is only available for stores with 10,00…

Billing, Payments, & Refunds FAQ

Learn how you'll be charged and how you can change your account's billing or payment setup. **Note: **The plans, prices, and autoscaling examples outlined in this resource reflect the most recent (February 27, 2023) changes to Privy's product offerings. Please see your account's [My Plan & Billing ][1]or [Plans][2] p…

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