How to Style the Unsubscribe Link

All Privy emails include an unsubscribe link in the email footer for contacts to opt out of your email communications. This unsubscribe link can also be placed directly in the body of your email with a merge tag. Incorporating the link directly into the body content is particularly useful if you'd like to call more attention to the option as it can be customized while the default footer link cannot. Some situations in which you might want to call more attention to the unsubscribe link include: 

Audience Maintenance

Unengaged subscribers are a major concern for proper list management as they can hurt your sending reputation over time. Unengaged subscribers are those contacts who have a valid email address, are still subscribed to your list, but haven’t opened and/or clicked one of your emails for quite a while (e.g., 6-12 months). While they haven’t put in the effort to manually unsubscribe, they’ve been mentally or emotionally unsubscribed and are simply ignoring or deleting your emails. The longer they remain unengaged, the greater the likelihood that future emails will end up in the junk folder or spam filter. 

To avoid this situation, a routine re-engagement campaign is recommended. Send your unengaged subscribers a targeted email acknowledging that they haven’t opened or clicked any messages in a while, and simply ask if they want to continue to receive your emails. 

Facilitate Opt-Out Requests

It’s crucial that you make unsubscribing to your emails as easy for your contacts as subscribing was in the first place. Never attempt to hide the unsubscribe link from a subscriber and if they'd like to unsubscribe themselves instead of having you facilitate it on their behalf, make the option obvious.

Style the link

To style the unsubscribe link in your email: 

  • Locate and select the desired email to access its details.
  • Select the Edit design to access the email editor.
  • Click into a content element and configure the link or button URL to point to the {{ business.unsubscribe_link }} merge tag. If the link is in a text element, simply select the Unsubscribe Link option from the toolbar's Merge Tag dropdown menu. 
  • Once the merge tag is added, style the unsubscribe link as you normally would with any other link or button, and then Save your changes.

A custom unsubscribe link is now included in the body of your email. If a recipient clicks the link, they will be opted out and will not receive future emails sent from your Privy account. This action will not unsubscribe the contact from any other email service providers that you may also be using. 

Note: When the email is sent, Privy will detect the custom unsubscribe variable and will remove the default unsubscribe link from the footer. Marketing emails must include an unsubscribe option to comply with various compliance frameworks, including CAN-SPAM

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