Does Privy Work With SPAs?

Yes. Privy works with single-page applications (SPAs) without any additional code or application changes by the user. This means you can adopt many of the newest e-commerce themes or website templates without worrying about compatibility issues. Not sure if you're using a SPA or why a business might move to the SPA model? Check out the resources and examples below:

What is a single-page application (SPA)?

A single-page application (SPA) is a web application or website that interacts with the user by dynamically rewriting the current web page with new data instead of the traditional method of web browsing, which is to load entirely new pages.

What are the benefits of a single-page application (SPA)?

The main advantage of single-page applications is speed. Most resources the SPA needs, such as HTML, CSS, and Scripts, are loaded at the launch of the app and don’t need to be reloaded during usage. As a result, the application (e.g., website) is very responsive to the user’s queries versus a traditional application loading all of those resources for each page that's visited.

What are the disadvantages of a single-page application (SPA)?

The main drawback of a SPA is its demand on the user's browser. Poorly optimized SPAs can consume significant amounts of memory on the user's end. This can create a sluggish experience for users as their browsing session increases and can negate the initial pleasure of fast-loading pages. This is typically only experienced on older devices but is worth considering.

Additionally, SEO optimization is tricky when you have a single-page application, as page changes often don't result in unique URLs.

What are some common single-page applications (SPAs)?

Popular single-page applications include Facebook, Google Maps, Gmail, and Twitter. Additionally, various themes for sites or stores hosted on Shopify or Wix are SPAs.

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