Change Your Account's Timezone

Your account's timezone is used to display dates and times for all tracked events and is referenced by the Convert, Email, and Text tools when sending or scheduling content. If your timezone is improperly set, this may skew how you view tracked activities and result in displays going out at unexpected times. To review and update these settings for your account: 

  • Select the Account dropdown menu at the top-right. Your business name appears there.  
  • Select the Business Information option from the dropdown menu. 
  • Locate the Business Timezone setting under the Business Information header. If you need to update the timezone, click the dropdown menu, select a new timezone, and then scroll down to select the Save Changes button. 

Note: The Business Timezone setting applies to the entire account. This setting isn't available on a per-user basis. Please ensure that your users factor in any differences in the account's timezone compared to their local time or desired target market for their displays or messaging. 

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