Basic Convert Plan Overview

The Basic Convert plan is Privy’s introductory offering for new stores looking for a simple way to get started with list growth. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about the Basic Convert plan.

Who is eligible for the Basic Convert Plan?

The plan is only available for stores with 10,000 monthly pageviews or less. This plan is specifically designed for stores that are just starting to gain traction and need help building an audience for their business. The plan includes select Convert features that are optimized to kickstart your list growth. 

What is a pageview?

A pageview is an instance of a page being loaded in a browser. 

How are pageviews calculated?

A Privy pageview is registered each time a page containing your Privy code is loaded on your site. This means that if a single visitor browses 5 pages on your site during their visit, this will be counted as 5 pageviews.  At the start of each billing cycle, your pageview count “resets” and only counts pageviews that occur within that particular billing cycle. 

How many pageviews are included in the Basic Convert Plan?

The Basic Convert Plan includes up to 10,000 pageviews per billing cycle. As visitors explore your site, Privy will calculate your pageviews as described above. 

What features are included in the plan?

The Basic Convert plan includes our top 3 recommended plays for foundational list growth: the Welcome Discount Popup, Exit Intent display, and Cart Saver display. These 3 plays are designed to help you capture contacts at different points in their browsing journey, giving you multiple opportunities to convert visitors into contacts. 

These plays have built in list growth best practices and you can customize the design to match your brand. You also have the ability to activate one After Signup email per display to follow up with contacts after they join your list. 

I know if I’m close to my pageview limit for the billing cycle?

When you reach 85% of your 10,000 pageviews per billing cycle, an in-app notification like the one below will appear in your Privy dashboard

By navigating to your My Plan & Billing page in your account, you can see how many pageviews you’ve used so far in the billing cycle. 

You will also receive automated emails to the email address associated with your Privy account when you reach 85%, 95%, and 100% of your 10,000 pageviews so you can take action in your account. 

To avoid interruptions to your service, you can choose to upgrade your Privy plan before you reach 100% of your available pageviews. 

What happens if I exceed my pageview limit?

If you exceed your pageview limit, your active displays will be paused for the remainder of your billing cycle. While your displays are paused you won’t be able to collect new signups or convert sales through your displays. At the start of your next billing cycle, your displays will reactivate and begin collecting signups again. 

How can I reactivate my displays if they are paused?

To reactivate your displays before the start of your next billing cycle, you can choose to upgrade your Privy plan to either our Starter, Growth or core Convert plan. You can upgrade your plan directly in your Privy account on the Plans page. Once you upgrade, your displays will be reactivated and you’ll unlock even more Privy features. 

The table below shows a quick overview of what you can expect from each plan:

What plan do you recommend if I want more features?

As your traffic and email list grows, it's critical that you have a robust email marketing strategy in place so you can turn your traffic into sales. That's why we recommend moving over to the Privy Starter Plan once you've surpassed the Basic Convert Plan limits. This will give you unlimited access to the Privy list growth and email marketing functionality. The Starter Plan includes advanced Convert plays, high-performing email marketing automations for ecommerce, no email sending limits, and more. 

However, if you'd like to continue just using Privy for your list growth, we recommend moving over to a core Privy Convert plan based on your monthly traffic. This will give you the full functionality of Privy Convert, including advanced plays and targeting capabilities. 

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