How does Attribution Work for Displays?

An order is counted when someone signs up for your Privy display and then completes a purchase through your store using the same email address. Privy counts an order regardless of whether or not the customer used a discount code. This method of order attribution is used because many Privy merchants indicated that offering a discount was often incentive enough for customers to buy, even when those same customers might not apply the code at the time of purchase.

Note: Once a visitor signs up for a display, they will be considered an "order" for that display if they make a purchase following the signup. If the visitor signs up for multiple displays and then makes a purchase, the order metric will increase for all submitted displays. Following a purchase, the attribution cycle resets.

Track your orders

With your e-commerce store connected, Privy will automatically look for contacts who registered via Privy displays and track whether or not they completed a purchase. If they do, Privy will add an "order" event to the contact's profile and increase the overall order count associated with the display and your account.

Dashboard-level Tracking

Orders listed on the Dashboard are counted when a customer completes a purchase after opening a message.

Note: Orders counted on the Dashboard may also be counted on the Display page.

Contact-level Tracking

Order events attributed to a customer will appear in their Activity Feed and increase the Total Orders metric listed at the top of their profile. To access this information, navigate to the Contacts dashboard and click the name or email address of the contact that you'd like to review.

Display-level Tracking

Orders attributed to a particular display will appear when a report is run on it. Additional information on using the Reports tool is available here.

Note: Orders counted on the Displays page may also be counted in other areas. For example, a customer who has never placed a purchase signs up through a form on your site but does not complete a purchase until after receiving a Welcome email. Their order would count as an order for both the Welcome email and the Display.

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