Install Privy on Wix

A unique Privy code must be installed on your Wix site in order to display your onsite displays, track visitor behavior (e.g., display views), and acquire information for segmentation or targeting. The Privy app for Wix performs this installation automatically without the need for coding or development skills.

If you're using a different provider, please review the instructions outlined in this guide instead. 

Note: The Privy app is only available for Wix sites on a Premium Plan with a connected domain. Additionally, your site must use the Wix Editor and not the Wix ADI.

Supported features

The extent of your possible Privy features depends on what information is available in your Wix account. Additional contact and order information is available to Privy if you use the Wix Store add-on. If this information is not available in Wix, the app will only install the code required to display your displays and capture/store the associated signup information in Privy. 

Privy Convert Privy Email Privy Text
Wix Site + Store
Wix Site

Note: Privy Convert is the only tool that does not require a paid Privy subscription. 

Installation steps

To install the Privy app for Wix:

  • Visit Privy's listing in the Wix App Market. 
  • Click the Add to Site button. If you're not already logged into Wix, log in and select your site. 
  • Review the app's permissions and then select the Add to Site button. Log into Privy if you aren't already and select the Link option next to your Privy account. This option is only available if the account isn't already connected to another site. 

That's it! After linking an account and being redirected, your Privy code is automatically installed on your site. Any applicable displays will start appearing on your site immediately. The Privy app will also now be listed in the Manage Apps section of your Wix account. 


Encountered an issue during or after installation? Check out these common fixes. 

Displays won't trigger.

Displays will not appear to visitors if your Wix site has a cookie banner active and the visitor has not provided their consent. For your displays to display either: 

  • Disable the cookie banner on your site via its Privacy & Cookies settings.
  • Leave the cookie banner on and ensure the visitor provides consent. Once consent is provided, your displays will be able to appear on subsequent page loads. 

Cross-sell displays won't integrate.

Privy does not offer catalog integration for Wix. This means that for you to create cross-sell displays, product IDs need to be added manually when creating the display.

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