Create a Free Shipping Bar

The free shipping bar calculates the difference between a visitor's current shopping cart and a predetermined free shipping threshold. The bar is visible throughout the visit and dynamically updates as the visitor's cart gets closer to the free shipping threshold. This persistent reminder ensures the potential customer is always aware of the potential reward and encourages them to increase their order value to receive the reward. 

Note: The pre-built play used in this guide is only available to Privy accounts integrated with BigCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix storefronts.

Before you begin

Prepare your store

The free shipping bar displays a value based on the items in a visitor's cart but does not deliver free shipping automatically. To ensure the free shipping is applied when the customer adds enough value to their cart (meets the threshold), you must configure the "free shipping" settings in your store. To configure these settings, please reference these resources for the currently supported storefronts: BigCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix

Determine your currency

The free shipping bar shows values using the $ symbol by default. If the display should use a different currency symbol, such as £ or €, please update the text used for the "Cart is empty" and "Cart value is less than" stages with the desired symbol when creating the display. The display does not automatically detect your store's currency. 

Create the display

To create a free shipping bar display:

  • Navigate to Convert > All Displays and click the New Display button. 
  • On the Plays dashboard, select the Free Shipping Bar option.
  • In the Goal section of the display designer, set the amount the visitor must spend (the threshold) to qualify for free shipping. 

  • Use the display designer to customize the display for when the visitor's cart is empty, is valued less than the threshold, and exceeds the threshold. The text, bar color, and an optional "checkout now" button are available for customization for each stage. The "checkout now" button is only enabled for the "greater than" stage by default, but you can enable it for the other stages using the Change Layout option. 

Note: The text for the "Cart is empty" stage includes a {{ goal }} merge tag. This tag displays the spending threshold that you've set. Meanwhile, the "Cart value is less than goal" text includes a {{ goal_minus_cart_value }} merge tag. This tag is where the calculated difference between the visitor's cart value and the free shipping threshold will appear. Make sure to retain these tags. If your store's currency is not USD, please update the denomination sign used before these tags. 

  • Once the design is complete, select the Save option at the upper right.

Target the right audience

By default, a free shipping bar display appears to all visitors at all times until it is disabled. To change any of these default options, move to the Target step, and customize the desired settings. 

  1. The When To Show setting allows you to determine when and how often the free shipping bar appears to visitors. If you make any changes, please select Save
  2. The Who To Show It To setting allows you to target a more specific segment of your visitors instead of all visitors. If you update these settings to include various other attributes, activities, and behaviors, please select Save
  3. The How Long to Show It setting determines how long the display will appear to visitors. Update the setting if you'd like the display to expire on a specific fixed date and Save

Launch the display

Once the display has been created and the target audience selected, click the Publish button at the upper right of the Target step and confirm your decision in the prompt.  

The free shipping bar display is now live and will appear to your qualifying customers. 

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