Analyze Display Clicks

If you include text or button-based links in your displays, it is easy to see which links are driving the most engagement via the reports dashboard. This information allows you to build better displays and make your customer’s journey easier.

Note: The "clicks" metric does not increase when a visitor interacts with a button or link that submits or dismisses a display. The hyperlinked content must point to a provided URL.

Access the reports dashboard

Select Convert > Reports from the navigation bar to access the reporting dashboard. 

Create a click-tracking report

To create a click-tracking report:

  • Select Link clicks as your metric. 
  • Then, choose how you want to compare the results - by the display, display trigger, display type, origin URL (where the click happened), or destination URL (where the link takes you).
  • Select All Displays or a specific display. 
  • Select your desired dates via the Start date and End date filters. 

For example, the report below shows the clicks per day for all displays active in January 2021. 

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