Why Can’t I See My Display?

​​​​​​​To help you create an excellent customer experience, Privy uses cookies to track how your visitors interact with your displays. If Privy detects that a visitor has already submitted information to a display, it will not be shown to them again. If Privy detects that a visitor has already seen and dismissed a display, it will not be shown to them until the next day by default. These behaviors help ensure visitors aren't bombarded with displays while visiting your site.

How does this affect you? In almost all instances, it means that if you've already seen or submitted your display while navigating around your website or during testing, you will need to take specific actions to see it again. These actions are outlined in more detail below.

Troubleshooting options

Unable to see your display? Please try the following options:

Private Browsing

When testing your display, test it in a different browser from the one you typically use to view your website - almost all browsers have a setting that is commonly referred to as either private browsing or incognito mode. Viewing your site through this mode lets you see it as if you're a first-time visitor. Not sure how to access this setting? No problem. Here are a few links that provide you with steps on how to enable this setting in common browsers:

Note: This option allows you to trigger the display regardless of previous submissions, views, or dismissals and is the preferred troubleshooting option. 

Display Triggers

You can control how often a display appears to visitors via its settings. Configuring a display to appear more frequently or always will often reveal a missing display. 

  • Select Convert > All displays from the main navigation in your Privy account. 
  • Select the display you'd like to edit from the dashboard. 
  • Select the Target step from the display builder.
  • Select the When To Show option from the Targeting Rules section, update the Trigger automatically at most settings to No limit, and Save

With the "trigger at most" setting set to No limit, your display will continue to display for you.

Note: This option only allows you to trigger the display if you have not already submitted it.

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