Troubleshoot Common Login Issues

Are you having issues accessing Privy? Perhaps you're encountering an error message, forgot your password, or need to recover an old account. This article will help you quickly troubleshoot and resolve the most common login issues. 

Note: You must use a supported web browser to access and use Privy properly. Please ensure you meet these browser requirements before proceeding with additional troubleshooting.

Invalid email or password

This error message indicates that the credentials you are using are invalid. Account credentials are case-sensitive, and passwords must be at least eight characters long. If additional attempts don't help, visit the Privy Login page and select the Forgot your password option. 

Note: If you log in through an integrated account, such as Shopify or BigCommerce, you won't be able to reset your password via Privy. Instead, password changes should take place directly through the third-party portal. 

Fail to receive a password reset email

First, check your promotions and spam folders. If you still can't locate the password reset instructions, add to your address book and request another password reset. If the email is still not arriving in your inbox, please contact your email admin to check if additional security measures might be preventing this message from reaching you. 

Note: The reset token included in the email expires after 6 hours. 

Oops! Something went wrong

This error message typically indicates that there is a conflict between your login credentials and identifiable account cookies or that there is an issue with Privy as a whole.

First, visit Privy's Status Page and check for platform-specific issues. If there are no ongoing issues, please try to log into Privy using another browser or incognito mode. If you successfully log in from the alternate browser, clear the cache and cookies of your regular browser by following the relevant guide linked below and try to log in again. 

If the issue persists, please submit a support request

Google-related login issues

Issues encountered when using Google SSO (Single Sign-on) to access Privy typically fall into the following categories:

  1. Your account wasn't created using SSO, so you will need to manually input your Google email address and separate Privy password instead. 
  2. The account you are attempting to use is incorrect. It is common for Google Chrome users to switch between multiple accounts. Please make sure the account you use with Privy is also the one selected in your Chrome settings. 
  3. The connection between your Google account and Privy has been disrupted or expired. The support team must remove the account's association with Privy so that you can log in again and "refresh" the connection. To fix this issue, submit a support request and provide the email address you use for SSO. 

If you are still unable to log into your account, please submit a support request

Shopify-related issues

Issues encountered when using Shopify to access Privy typically fall into the following categories:

  1. The connection between your Shopify account and Privy has been disrupted or expired. Remove the Privy app from your Shopify account, reinstall the Privy app, and attempt to log in again. 
  2. You did not use the Privy app to integrate your Shopify and Privy accounts. Instead, you manually installed the Privy code on your store. You cannot log in with your Shopify credentials if this is the case as Shopify and Privy cannot authenticate your information. 

Recover an old or inactive account

If you would like to recover an old or inactive Privy account, please submit a support request. In the request, include the account name and the email address associated with the account. The support agent may request additional information for security purposes or to locate the correct account. 

Note: If you requested an account deletion, all of the account's identifiable information is scrubbed within 30 days. Once the information is removed, it cannot be restored.

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