Use a Privy Subaccount

If you manage multiple businesses or brands and would like to use Privy, you may want to create Privy subaccounts for each of those websites. 

When to use subaccounts

Depending on your situation, a subaccount(s) may or may not suit you. 

You should use subaccounts if:

  • You have multiple stores or sub-brands, and you want a Privy business for each one.
  • You want one consolidated bill from Privy for all the accounts except for Privy Text. 
  • You have a single brand and multiple websites—for example, country-specific domains or currency-specific versions of your storefront. 
  • You want a staging or test environment for previewing changes before making them on the business connected to your live store. 

You should not use subaccounts if:

  • You want separate bills for each business. Subaccounts can't be billed separately.
  • You want to run and manage identical displays on multiple sites from one account. Displays can be easily copied to additional accounts, but changes to one copy will not affect the others. Instead, install the Privy code for your second business on that website manually. 
  • You are an agency working on behalf of clients. Agencies should create a new business for each client. Subaccounts can't be billed separately and shouldn't be resold to third parties without prior agreement from Privy. 

Disclaimers and Limitations


  • Privy Text is not available for subaccounts bundled under parent accounts. To use Privy Text for multiple businesses, you must create multiple unique Privy accounts.
  • If the parent/primary account adds or removes plans or features (e.g., Email), any subaccounts are automatically updated to reflect the parent account's plan. 
  • The following features are not shared or inherited between parent accounts and subaccounts: user permissions, custom sending domains, contacts, coupons, linked accounts (integrations), displays, display templates, email templates, design assets, and photos. 

Billing & Usage

  • Merchants will receive a consolidated bill for all accounts. Subaccounts aren't billed separately. 
  • Privy subaccounts inherit the traffic enforcement state, trial state, and any supported shared features/settings of the parent account. Review the previous section to learn more about which features/settings are not shared between accounts. 
  • Traffic from subaccounts will be "rolled up" to parent accounts for billing purposes.
  • Mailable contacts from subaccounts will be rolled up to the parent account for billing purposes. Contacts are counted each time they appear in a subaccount. 

Create a subaccount

If you've reviewed the information outlined above and have additional questions or would like to create a subaccount, please contact the Support Team or book a demo!

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