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Change subscription

Privy currently offers a selection of plans and add-ons to address different needs. They are: 

  • Trial: The trial allows users to use Privy's Convert (list growth) and Email tools with limited restrictions for a 15-day period. 
  • Privy Convert Free: A Convert free plan allows you to get started with Privy using the website conversion and list-growth tools. Trialers will move to this tier after the 15-day period, as long as your list has under 100 mailable contacts.
  • Conversion: A conversion-only plan allows users to use Privy's Convert tool to grow their subscriber list, make on-site announcements, and increase sales via displays (e.g., popups). 
  • Starter: A Starter plan allows users to access the full functionality of Privy's Convert and Email products with pricing based on the account's mailable contacts. 
  • Growth: A Growth plan allows users to access the full functionality of Privy's Convert, Email, and Text products with pricing based on the account's mailable and textable contacts. 
  • Text: This add-on allows users of non-Growth plans to access the features of Privy Text with additional pricing based on the account's textable contacts. 

Each of these plans is managed separately. 

Upgrade or add a plan

To upgrade to the Starter or Growth plan or add a Text (SMS) plan: 

  • Navigate to the Explore Plans page in your Privy account. 
  • Select the appropriate Upgrade or Buy option next to the desired plan. 
  • On the subsequent screen, review your billing information and select Confirm & Pay

To upgrade from a trial to a Conversion-only plan, you must speak to an e-commerce coach. Please see Privy's pricing page for more information.

Cancel a plan

To cancel an existing plan:

  • Navigate to the My Plan & Billing page in your Privy account. 
  • Select the appropriate Cancel button next to the desired plan.

It is important to note that each of these plans must be managed separately and are not automatically canceled if you uninstall the application. In particular:

  • Downgrading one plan does not automatically cancel or downgrade your other plan(s).
  • Downgrading or canceling your connected e-commerce store (e.g., BigCommerce, Shopify, or Wix) does not automatically cancel your Privy plan(s).
  • Uninstalling or removing Privy from your store does not automatically cancel your plan(s).

If you choose to cancel all of your Privy products, your account will remain active on a non-paid subscription, and its information will be maintained unless the account is closed or deleted. 

Note: If you cancel a plan, you will lose access to the associated paid features immediately. See Privy's terms of service and refund policy for more information.

Close account

To close your Privy account, navigate to your Business Information page and click the Close account button. When closing an account, please note:

  • Closing an account is not reversible.
  • If you are on a paid plan when closing an account, Privy will attempt to cancel it automatically. 
  • If your profile is attached to multiple businesses, you will need to close each account separately.

Delete account

Privy has a process for honoring data subject requests related to various compliance frameworks, including CCPA and GDPR. To request an account deletion in accordance with these frameworks: 

  • Navigate to the Submit a request page. 
  • Provide your email address. It must be associated with a user in the Privy account. 
  • Use "Compliance - Data Removal Request" as the subject line. 
  • In the request's description, please provide:
    • The Business Name and Website URL listed in your Privy account here.
  • Select the Submit button. 

Following the submission, all of the account's identifiable information will be scrubbed within 30 days. Once the information is removed, it cannot be restored. 

Product & feature limits

The following limitations are imposed on the Privy product by default to prevent abuse and ensure the highest level of stability for users:

Limitation Value Details
 Active Displays  100 Only 100 displays can be active at once. 
 Custom Fields 100   An account can only have 100 custom fields.
 Contacts  1,000,000 An account can only have 1 million contacts. 
 Newsletter Segments  350,000 Newsletters can only send to 350K contacts at a time.  
Product Menus  100  Only 100 products will display in product dropdown menus (e.g., Cross-sell). Product/Variant IDs can be input manually if a product isn't available. 

If one of these limits hinders your success with the Privy platform, please contact your Customer Success Manager, or use the Billing Team's contact information below. 

Additional questions

Billing support is available via email, between 9 am to 5 pm EST (excluding weekends and holidays) at

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