Sync Contacts to Klaviyo

To sync the contacts captured by your Privy Convert displays to your Klaviyo account, you must link (integrate) the two accounts and add automation rules to your displays. 

Link the accounts

To link your Privy account with your Klaviyo account:

  • In Privy, click the Account option from the navigation. Your business name appears there. 
  • Select the Integrations option from the dropdown menu.
  • Scroll down to the Available Integrations section and select the Klaviyo option. 
  • Create a new API Key in your Klaviyo account
  • Enter your credentials and API Key in the prompt and then select Link Account

Note:  When creating the Public API Key we recommend selecting the option "Grant applications full access for every API scope.

All set! Klaviyo should now appear as a linked account in the Authorized Accounts section. Next, let's add some automation rules. 

Add an automation rule

Note: These settings must be set for each display individually. 

To add an automation rule to a display so that the collected contacts sync to Klaviyo:

  • Navigate to Convert > All Displays.
  • Select the display you'd like to sync and navigate to the Settings step of the display builder. The selected display must include a form to sync contacts. 
  • Click the Advanced Settings button at the bottom left of the page, Scroll to the Sync Integration section, select Klaviyo from the dropdown menu, configure the presented options, and Save

Note: Privy contacts can only sync to Klaviyo lists, not to Klaviyo segments. Please be aware that this integration is not a two-way sync, meaning that information can sync from Privy to Klaviyo but cannot sync back from Klaviyo to Privy. 

Warning: To successfully sync contacts with a phone number to Klaviyo, the number must be formatted using the E.164 format on the contact's profile in Privy. When collecting US-based or Canada-based numbers, the +1 country code is not required, as Privy will validate the number and automatically add this information if it is missing. All other numbers must include the country code (e.g., +44 for the UK). Privy will add the plus sign (+) if it is omitted. 

This display's signups will now sync to Klaviyo. Click on the Sync signups button again to sync contacts to additional services or lists. Check out this guide for more information on automation rules and how to troubleshoot common sync issues.

Is more information available?

Yes. You can also tag a visitor with a Klaviyo session cookie after capturing an email with a Privy Convert display. This cookie allows you to trigger cart abandonment and browse abandonment emails directly from Klaviyo. To enable this feature: 

  • In Privy, click the Account option from the navigation. Your business name appears there. 
  • Select the Business Information option from the dropdown menu. 
  • Select Customizations from the sidebar and scroll down to the Other Customizations section. 
  • Check the Enable Klaviyo Javascript integration setting and then click Save Changes

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