Resend an Unopened Newsletter

If you have subscribers who didn't open a newsletter that they might find particularly relevant or useful, you may want to send it again. Resending a newsletter can cause unsubscribes, but if you only do it once and within a day or two of the first send time, it may help you boost your overall engagement.


To reduce the risk of a re-sent newsletter resulting in unsubscribes or spam complaints, please consider keeping your subject line and visible "From" name the same. Changing this information while maintaining the same content can come across as deceptive or intentionally tricky. Meanwhile, most subscribers are happy to keep engaging if you lead with honesty and are straightforward about who you are and why you're sending the email. That's why they signed up, after all. 

Resend your newsletter

To resend a newsletter: 

  • Navigate to Campaigns and locate the newsletter that you'd like to resend.
  • Select the() menu and select Duplicate Campaign
  • Be sure to rename the copy so that you can easily differentiate between emails

  • Select Custom segment and then select New Segment
  • Name your segment on the resulting page.
  • Use the dropdown labeled Choose Category and select Did not open.
  • Then select the original newsletter from the subsequent prompt, click the Create button, and then click Save

  • Now select either the Send or the Schedule button at the top of the Settings page. Selecting the Send button will prompt the email to go out immediately and will ignore any settings configured in the Schedule section of the email's Sender Info.
  • Confirm your decision to activate in the subsequent prompt.

All set! You've resent the newsletter to the subscribed contacts who didn't open it the first time.

Review performance

Now that your newsletter has been resent to customers:

  • Learn how to evaluate its success via reporting in this guide
  • Discover which customers will ultimately receive your emails and why in this guide
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