Add Images in an Emails

Images are crucial for making messages easy to understand. Because the human brain processes images better than written language, photos and other visual designs convey information faster than text, reducing the reader’s response time to the message. Studies show that people only remember 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read, but 80% of what they see.

To add an image to your email:

  • Navigate to Email + Text and choose or create an email.
  • Go to the Design step, select an existing image, or drag and drop a content element from the Content tab in the sidebar into a layout block in your email template.
  • On the side panel, click the Upload Image button to open the Photo Manager.

On the Photo Manager, choose the source of your upload:

  1. + Upload New Photo: Use this button to upload an image from your device. 
  2. Select Shopify Product: Use this button to pull an image from your Shopify products collection.

Click the Use This Photo button to add it to your email.

Note: You can add only one image to the Photo Manager on each upload.

Logo and Default image

Check this article to set a company logo and default image for your Privy account.

Best practices for using marketing images

Brand identity

Maintaining your brand identity is essential for immediate recognition by email recipients. Keep in mind that the quality of your images affects how your brand is perceived; therefore, design aesthetics, style elements, and images must look professional and match your identity.


The images in your campaigns and emails should be relevant to your message. Everything must be consistent, from the subject line to the CTA (call-to-action). Remember to provide a clear offer in each campaign or email, and make sure that everything in your message implies that.

File type and size

Following Privy's recommendations regarding file types and sizes ensures visitors have the optimal experience when engaging with your campaigns or emails. Check the guidelines for creative assets for details.

Alt text

Complying with ADA guidelines for Web Accessibility requires including alt text in your images. Rename your image files to the desired alt text, and Privy will automatically set it up on the image upload. Remember to keep your last text concise and to include keywords. For more information on ADA compliance with Privy, visit this article.

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