Add an Order Summary to Emails

When creating purchase follow-up emails with a connected BigCommerce, Shopify, or Wix store, you can easily add an order summary to your email and display what the customer purchased. An order summary indicates that the customer's online transaction was successful and fulfills an important psychological need for confirmation.

Required steps

To add an order summary to a purchase follow-up email: 

  • Navigate to Automations and select or create the Purchase Follow-up email you'd like to customize with an order summary.
  • Select the Design step to access the email editor.
  • In the editor, drag and drop the Order content block to the desired location. 
  • Click the Save button in the top right once the desired email edits are complete. 

The order summary will look like a placeholder in the editor and will populate with placeholder products in any test emails (see the example below). However, the content block will update with an itemized list that reflects your customer's actual order when it is sent to them. 

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