Add a Form to Your Shopify Footer

If you're already using displays to grow your contact list, you should also consider replacing the embedded form (e.g., Newsletter) in the footer of your Shopify store with one from Privy. This replacement ensures that all your contacts, wherever they sign up on your site, sync with your Privy account and its linked accounts. 

Note: To add an embedded form to the body of your Shopify store, follow these steps instead. 


Once you've created your Privy form, replace your Shopify form by following these steps: 

  • Navigate to the Online Store > Themes section of your Shopify account.
  • Select the Actions button and then the Edit code option from the drop-down menu. 
  • Use the search bar to locate and open the footer.liquid file.
  • Use CTRL-F or CMD-F to locate"type":"richtext", in the {% schema %} section. 
  • Replace "richtext" with "textarea" and select the Save button at the top right.  

  • In another browser tab, open your Privy account and navigate to the Convert dashboard.
  • Locate and select the desired Embedded form and open the Create section.
  • Click the Get Embed Code button on the Embedded Form Design card. 
  • Copy the entire embed code from the prompt. 

  • Return to your Shopify tab and select the Themes option from the sidebar. 
  • On the Themes dashboard, click on the Customize button. 
  • In the Sections sidebar, select the Footer section and then add a Text element. 
  • Paste your Privy form's embed code into the Text element. Drag and drop the element to edit its placement. Moving the element higher will move it left, while lowering it will move the form to the right. Select the Save button in the upper right after each change to reload and preview the form.

Congratulations! Your Privy embedded form is now in the footer of your Shopify site. If you're not using Privy Email, ensure that your embedded form syncs your signups to any other system. Update these settings in the Follow-up section of the form builder. 


If you're encountering issues with your embedded forms on Shopify, please attempt the following:

Disable reCAPTCHA

To disable the reCAPTCHA for your Privy forms: 

  • Navigate to the Customizations sections of your Business Settings
  • Scroll down and locate the Invisible reCAPTCHA section. 
  • Disable the Enable Invisible reCAPTCHA checkbox. 
  • Click the Save button.

Please contact support via email or chat if this doesn't correct the issue. 

Note: When reCAPTCHA is disabled via your account settings, Privy effectively vouches for your registration process and will attempt to waive all reCAPTCHA requirements. However, if behavioral analysis suspects that a user may be a bot or that spam activities are occurring, reCAPTCHA can still fire in the background. This aspect of reCAPTCHA cannot be disabled as it is currently one of the best ways to protect Privy merchants from suspicious or abusive activity. 

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