Sync Contacts to Mailchimp

To sync the contacts captured by your Privy Convert displays to your Mailchimp account, you must link (integrate) the two accounts and add automation rules to your displays. 

Link the accounts

To link your Privy account with your Mailchimp account:

  • In Privy, click the Account option from the navigation. Your business name appears there. 
  • Select the Integrations option from the dropdown menu.
  • Scroll down to the Available Integrations section.
  • Select the Mailchimp option, enter your credentials in the prompt, and select Login
  • Follow the prompts to allow the proper permissions and select your account. 

All set! Mailchimp should now appear as a linked account in the Authorized Accounts section. Next, add some automation rules. 

Add an automation rule

To add an automation rule to a display so that the collected contacts sync to Mailchimp:

  • Navigate to Convert > All Displays
  • Select the display you'd like to sync and navigate to the Follow-up step of the display builder. The selected display must include a form to sync contacts. 
  • Click the Sync signups button, select Mailchimp from the dropdown menu, configure the presented options, and Save. If you enable the Require Double Opt-in setting, please note that the synced contacts will receive a confirmation email. They must click the verification link in that email before they are added to your mailable Mailchimp audience. Learn more

This display's signups will now sync to Mailchimp. Click on the Sync signups button again to sync contacts to additional services or lists. Check out this guide for more information on automation rules and how to troubleshoot common sync issues. A section on troubleshooting Mailchimp-specific issues is available below. 

Note: These settings must be set for each display individually. 

Troubleshoot issues

Here are a few issues you may encounter when setting up or using the Mailchimp integration. 

Expired or disconnected error

The integration's connection may expire or disconnect for a wide range of reasons. To ensure that Privy and the external service are still properly integrated: 

  • Navigate to Account Settings > Integrations
  • Locate the Linked Accounts section. 
  • Select the Test Account option. 

This will trigger a reading (e.g., Connection Successful) that will help guide your next steps.

Permissions error

You can only connect a Mailchimp account to Privy if you are the account's Owner or Admin. To review these requirements and make any necessary changes, please review this resource from Mailchimp. Once an Owner or Admin is available, they can attempt to link the accounts again. 

Sync errors

If you see an error when exporting or syncing to an audience (list) in Mailchimp like: 

  • FNAME must be provided – Please enter a value
  • MMERGE10 must be provided – Please enter a value

It means that you are syncing Privy contacts to an audience (list) in Mailchimp that has required fields that aren't being provided during the Privy signup. To fix this, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Audience dashboard in Mailchimp.
  • Select the audience (list) you have chosen to export or sync to in Privy.
  • Click the Manage Audience dropdown menu and then click Settings

  • Locate and select the Audience fields and *|MERGE|* tags option. 
  • On the next page, you'll see the fields associated with this audience (list), as well as a checkbox next to any field that is REQUIRED. Uncheck all required fields except the email field. 

That's it! Future signups won't be rejected for not having these fields.

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