Create a Spin to Win Display

A spin-to-win display encourages site visitors to submit their contact information for a chance to win several potential prizes via an interactive wheel. Visitors love it because it's a highly

engaging way to get a discount, and you'll love it because it converts at a high rate and is completely customizable.

Need some inspiration before you begin? Check out some customer examples

Create the display

To create a bar display: 

  • Navigate to Convert > All Displays and click on the New Display button. 
  • On the Templates dashboard, select Get Started under the "Prefer the classic creation experience?" card on the bottom right of the page, provide an internal name, and then click the Create Display button. 
  • In the Create step of the display builder, select the desired Form fields and Validations for the display if you hope to collect signups. One field is recommended, while the validation depends on your intended audiences and desired discount availability.

  • Next, select the Add a Display option. 
  • Select Spin to Win from the sidebar, choose a template to customize, and then click the Choose selected option in the upper right. 

  • Select the Wheel element under the Fixed header in the sidebar in the display designer.
  • In the new pane, select the Configure slices button. The subsequent prompt lets you edit the slice colors, labels, coupons, win ratios, and win text. 
  • Select the OK option at the bottom of the prompt to save your selections. 

Note: A wheel has six winning and six losing slices; however, a spin will never land on a losing slice. Use the "Win Ratio" setting to control how often the players win your more generous prizes. 

  • Once you configure the slices, customize the rest of the display's design and content. 
  • Select the Save option at the upper right. 

Note: Please test any custom background images on various devices and screen sizes to ensure your design meets your goals for the largest audience. 

  • After saving, a new Spin to Win Design section will be available under the Create tab. Click on the Thank You Page Design option.  
  • In the thank-you page designer, add the "win text" and "coupon code" merge tags to display the winning text and coupon associated with the participant's prize. Include {{ signup.win_text }} to display the appropriate win text (e.g., Free Shipping) and include {{ signup.coupon_code }} to display the appropriate coupon code. 

  • Select the Save option at the upper right.

Target the right audience

To target the desired audience with your spin-to-win display: 

  1. Move to the Target step and ensure the When To Show settings provide at least a 15-second delay. Providing a delay or choosing only to display the spin-the-wheel on an exit attempt will help alleviate pressure on your visitors and usually translates into higher conversion rates. Save
  2. If you would like to target a specific segment of your visitors instead of all visitors, select the Who To Show It To setting and click Add targeting condition. The subsequent prompt allows you to target visitors based on various attributes, activities, and behaviors. Save
  3. Select the How Long to Show It setting if you want the spin-to-win to expire. Save

Follow-up the display

To sync the display's signups to another service or send a follow-up message to the customers who submitted the display, move to the Follow-up step and review the options below. Please note that accounts created before May 26, 2022, won't automatically enable after signup emails. Instead, you must manually switch the Published toggle to the ON position.

  1. After-signup emails are enabled by default on active displays, meaning that they will immediately start sending to new signups if the following criteria are met:
  1. Select the Create series option to send additional after-signup emails. 
  2. Select the Sync signups option to sync the signups to a list in a linked account. If you're not using Privy Email, this setting is particularly important as it ensures the contact information (e.g., email address) is available to the third-party provider.
  3. Select the Send text message option to send an after-signup text message to the individuals who decided to sign up for the display.
  4. Enable or disable real-time notifications for your users. These notifications will alert the user of new display signups immediately. Save

Note: The text option requires a Privy Text subscription. Customers are only eligible to receive texts if their phone number was collected via a Privy display using the phone field, they checked the text opt-in checkbox, and they answered "YES" to the double opt-in message sent to their number.

Launch the display

Once the display is designed, the target audience selected, and any desired follow-up messages configured, select the Publish button at the upper right of the Follow-up step and confirm your decision in the prompt. 

The spin-to-win display is now live and will appear to your qualifying customers. 

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