Create and Manage Coupon Codes

Discounts provided via coupon codes are a great way to reward loyal customers or encourage them to take a specific action, such as completing a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. Coupons created or imported to Privy can be easily included in your displays, emails, or texts by following these steps

Create a coupon

To create a new coupon code: 

  • In your Privy account, select Coupons from the main navigation.
  • Select the New Coupon button on the Coupons dashboard.
  • Input a name for the coupon code in the Title field. Customers won't see this name.  
  • Select the source of your coupon. You will be able to select from three different locations.
    • Shopify or BigCommerce. These options allow you to push discounts to Shopify or BigCommerce without leaving your Privy account. If you are integrated with one of these providers, this option should be your go-to. 
    • Manual. Suppose you're not a Shopify or BigCommerce customer. In that case, you can manually create coupons in Privy individually or in bulk by uploading a file of codes to be distributed one at a time. You must also set up these coupons in your store to be accepted during checkout.

  • Select the type of coupon you'd like to use. You will be able to select either:
    • Master Coupon. This option allows you to configure a single coupon code given to all individuals who sign up on a display. Learn more.
    • Unique Coupon. This option allows you to configure a set of coupon codes allotted individually to each individual who signs up on a display. Learn more.

  • Based on your selections, configure the remaining discount settings.
    • All customers will need to provide a discount name or names. These values appear to your customers in your content (e.g., thank-you pages or follow-up messages).
    • Customers using the manual option must configure additional options, such as the discount type, discount amount, and promotion period, in their external provider. Privy is unable to sync and share that information. 
  • Scroll to the bottom and Save once the coupon's settings are finalized.

Congratulations! Your coupon is ready. Insert it into your content by following these steps

Edit or delete a coupon

To edit or delete an existing coupon code: 

  • In your Privy account, select Coupons from the main navigation. 
  • Locate the coupon that you'd like to manage. Select the Edit () option to change the coupon's settings. Select the Delete () option to remove the coupon.

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