Use Product Blocks in Newsletters

The Product block allows you to quickly access and incorporate products from your Shopify catalog into your email newsletters. Simply drag the block into your content, select the product, and customize the block's title, image, and layout.

Note: This functionality is only available for accounts integrated with Shopify at this time. 

Insert the Product block

To insert a Product block into a newsletter: 

  • Navigate to Campaigns.
  • Select or create the newsletter you'd like to include the product information. 
  • Select Edit Design to enter the drag and drop editor. You'll immediately be placed in the editor if you're creating a new email after selecting a template. 
  • Drag and drop the Product block from the sidebar's Content section to the desired location in your newsletter. 
  • Search for and select the product you'd like to feature in the prompt. The drop-down menu does not display all of your products. If a product doesn't appear in the menu, use the search function to find specific items by name or Product ID. Once an item is selected, hit Save

A Product block is now part of your newsletter. Repeat the process to include multiple products in a single newsletter. Products can be displayed full-width or in columns. 

Customize the Product block

The Product block auto-populates with the selected product's title and primary image by default. The entire image and title area will direct the recipient to the associated product page in a new tab when clicked. To update or override these default settings:

  • Select the Product block that you placed in your newsletter. 
  • Customize the block's options, including the selected product, the title/description, the on-click behavior, and other design elements in the sidebar.

Test the Product block

Select Preview to review the email's design in both desktop and mobile views. Click the Send Test Email button to ensure the content displays as expected in your inbox.

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