Pass Attributes to Destination URLs

Multiple after signup actions are available for Privy Convert displays that utilize a signup form. When using the Redirect to URL action, advanced users may choose to pass contact attributes to the destination page by customizing the URL with variables. Passing an attribute in this manner allows users to leverage advanced functions on their pages, such as pre-populating data for tracking purposes or dynamic content. 

Manage after signup actions

A display's After Signup Action setting becomes available once a display (e.g., Popup) design and form field options have been selected. To configure this setting:

  • Navigate to Convert > All Displays and choose the desired display.
  • Navigate to the Create step of the display builder.
  • Select the After Signup Action option. If it is not available, ensure that the display's design and form field options are selected.

Supported attributes

The following attributes can be passed from the form to the destination URL:

  • signup.coupon_code
  • contact.first_name
  • contact.last_name
  • contact.custom_fields

Note: Variables are only available if they're collected during the signup event that results in the redirect. Attributes collected from prior signups or imports will not populate.

How to pass attributes

Attributes are passed to the destination page by applying a specific format to the URL added to the Redirect to URL setting of your display. 

Default field example

To format your after signup URL to pass two standard contact attributes, such as first name and last name, use this format:{{contact.first_name}}&{{contact.last_name}}

After a contact signs up, the redirected link will look something like this:

Custom or Hidden field example

To pass a custom contact field, including hidden fields like referring URL, use this format:{{contact.custom_fields.referring_url}}

In this example, referring_url is the name and variable of a detected attribute.

After a contact signs up, the redirected link will look something like this:
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