Who Gets Abandoned Cart Emails?

Multiple factors determine whether or not a shopper will receive an abandoned cart email from Privy. Your shopper must meet all of the following criteria for an email to be sent. 

They are a known and reachable contact - A shopper must be a known contact that exists in your Privy account and must be eligible to receive emails. 

  • A known contact has a contact profile in your Privy account that is available when searching the Contacts dashboard. The known contact must also be "cookied" by Privy so that their actions are tied to a specific email address. A tracking cookie is placed in their browser when they submit a Privy display or provide their email address and agree to receive marketing communications through the checkout flow for Shopify, Shopify Plus, and Weebly storefronts.

  • An eligible contact has mailable email permission. A contact's email permissions are available for review on the Contacts dashboard and their profile. 

They had the appropriate cart value - If you have a connected BigCommerce, Shopify, or Wix store, Privy can detect the amount of value in a shopper’s cart during their visit. If the value in their cart is greater than or equal to the minimum value and does not exceed any set maximum threshold, the shopper will remain eligible to receive the abandoned cart email. 

They had the appropriate products in their cart - If you have a connected Shopify store, Privy can detect the products in a shopper's cart via your store's product IDs. At least one of the products identified in this field must be in the shopper's cart for them to remain eligible for the email. 

Enough time has passed since their visit - When a shopper visits your site, their activity is recorded within Privy. If their last visit occurred after the time you have set in the “last seen” setting, then they remain eligible to receive the abandoned cart email. 

They haven't purchased this series - Once a shopper completes a purchase, they will no longer receive any additional abandoned cart emails within a series. If you had a series configured to send 2 hours, 24 hours, and 72 hours after a visit, a shopper who purchased at hour three would not receive the second and third emails. The shopper would need to return to your site and start a new qualifying cart for a series to begin again. 

Note: To receive an email, a shopper must meet the criteria of each email in a series at the time that each of the emails is scheduled to be sent. Additionally, a shopper cannot qualify for the same abandoned cart series more than once within a 48-hour period. 

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