Why is there Info 'Stuck' in My Form Fields?

When a visitor views a Privy Display with a form, Privy checks the visitor's browser for tracking cookies. Privy pre-populates fields on the form with known values from their contact profile if a cookie is detected and associated with a contact contact. This makes the signup process easier and quicker for these contacts and increases the chances of conversion. 

Any new visitors will see the field placeholder text (e.g., Name), or if they've already signed up for a previous display, their personal information will be pre-filled instead. To test how another visitor will see the display, you can visit the page from a different browser or in an incognito window. 

Incorrect information appearing

That said, this pre-population of form fields can occasionally create confusing situations. These are the likely scenarios where your form fields are pre-populated incorrectly: 

  • If someone used your browser to submit a display and updated it to their own values, their information will overwrite yours. Hence, when you see a display again, their information will appear instead of yours.
  • If your form fields pre-populate with another person's information who has never submitted a form from your browser, it is likely due to a forwarded email. Clicking a tracked link in an email identifies the visitor as you and enables them to submit new information that overwrites the information associated with your cookie. 

If you or your contacts notice another person's information pre-populating display form fields, follow these steps to clear your cookies. Once they are cleared, re-submit a display to become associated with a new tracking cookie. 

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