Use Display Triggers

Privy's display triggers are a set of rules that allow you to reveal a display to a visitor based on the passage of time or a specific series of actions. The triggers help to ensure your visitors see the right message at the right time. 

Note: A display trigger only fires (activates) if the visitor meets the display's audience targeting conditions (e.g., All audiences or Mobile visitors). This means it's important to plan your When To Show and Who To Show It To settings together. 

Edit a display's triggers

A display's triggers can be customized in the Target step of the display builder. Simply select the When To Show option, select the desired option(s), and Save

Available display triggers

There are four primary trigger settings for a display: 

  1. Show on a timer – This setting allows you to show the display to qualifying visitors after the selected time on the page has passed. The countdown begins after the page has loaded. 
  2. Show after scrolling – This setting allows you to show the display to qualifying visitors after they've scrolled down a certain amount. This trigger is only recommended for longer pages. 
  3. Show on exit-intent – This setting allows you to show the display to qualifying visitors when their mouse movement indicates an intent to leave your site. For example, their cursor may move toward options like the back button or the address bar. 
  4. Trigger automatically at most - This setting lets Privy know how often to re-display the display to a visitor who has not signed up.

Display behavior

Multiple trigger settings can be active for a single display; however, a visitor can only see a display once per visit. For example, if your display is set to appear after 10 seconds and after 50% scroll, the visitor will only see the display for whichever trigger occurs first. 

Note: Regardless of what you have selected for the frequency setting if a visitor signs up, Privy automatically suppresses the display from showing to that same person again. 

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