Overview of Contact Attributes

Privy’s contact attributes enrich contact profiles with data that Privy is provided manually, via import, or by a visitor during the submission of a display. These attributes complement a contact's detect attributes, such as their referral data or location, and allow you to create a more holistic picture of your customers. Each account starts with a set of default attributes, with more being possible by creating custom fields

How to use contact attributes

You choose which attributes you'd like to attach to your contacts by adding customer or custom attribute fields to the form of your Convert displays.

The following default attributes are available: 

  • Email, Name, Phone, Text Opt-in, Email Opt-in, and Birthday. 

How to review contact attributes

A contact's attributes appear on individual contact records, in contact exports to CSV, and when syncing display signups to an external provider, such as an ESP. 

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