Sync Contacts to Your ESP

Privy Convert displays can sync collected contacts to a connected email marketing service using sync integrations. These rules must be configured for each display individually.

Prepare to sync contacts

Before following the steps outlined below, please ensure that your account is correctly integrated with one of the supported services listed in the Integrations section of your account. Additional information for configuring a supported integration is available here

Add an automation rule

To add an automation rule to a display so that the collected contacts sync to an external service:

  • Navigate to Convert > All Displays
  • Select the desired display and navigate to the Settings step of the display builder. 
  • Select Show Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page
  • Click the Sync Integrations card, select the desired integration from the dropdown menu, configure the presented options, and Save

This display's signups will now sync to the selected provider.

Note: These settings must be set individually for each display. 

Troubleshoot automation issues

To troubleshoot syncing issues related to automation rules, please review these common issues.

Check the integration's connection

An integration's connection may expire or disconnect for various reasons. To ensure that Privy and the external service are still properly integrated: 

  • Navigate to Account > Integrations
  • Locate the Linked Accounts section. 
  • Select the Test Account option. 

This will trigger a reading (e.g., Connection Successful) that will help guide your next steps. 

Check the double opt-in settings

If you have enabled double opt-in when configuring the automation rule or your marketing service requires double opt-in, new signups will generally not appear until contacts have completed the confirmed opt-in process. Please review the submissions of any contacts presumed missing from the sync and ensure the contact provided the required opt-in. 

Check contact addresses

Not all contacts can be synced. Many services will reject certain classes of emails, including:

  • Obviously fake emails, like “”
  • Role-based email addresses, like “”
  • Emails from disposable email services
  • Emails that have previously unsubscribed from your newsletter
  • Known spam traps or emails that are otherwise blacklisted

Even when Privy successfully syncs a contact, the service may reject it for any of the above reasons. Privy has no way to override this decision. 

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