Change your Landing Page URL (Deprecated)

Warning: This add-on is no longer available as of May 2021. Customers who have already started or completed the setup process remain unaffected. 

The default URL for Privy landing pages is{ID}, but this URL is customizable. Follow these instructions to customize the URL of your Privy landing pages so that the landing pages appear on one of your domains and match your branding, like{ID}. This process is often referred to as domain mapping.

Before you begin

Please review the following before starting this process:

  • Only 1 custom domain is available per Privy account. 
  • Custom domains require a paid Privy Convert plan of $250/month or greater. 
  • You must work with Privy Support to successfully configure custom domains. 
  • Custom domains will not work until all steps are completed. 

Please review the FAQ section at the end of this article if you have additional questions or concerns. 


1) Add a DNS CNAME

  • Log into your domain’s DNS provider. 
  • Create a new CNAME record in your DNS entries. 
  • For the subdomain value, enter the subdomain you’d like to use for your landing pages. Instructions for popular providers include Bluehost,, and GoDaddy.
  • For the domain name value, enter{Your Privy account Identifier} To locate your Privy account identifier, navigate to Account > Business Information > Privy Code

  • Save the new entry. 

Contact Privy Support

After you've updated your DNS records, contact Privy Support and request the addition of the custom domain you've selected. To expedite the process, copy and update this example message:

Hi there, 

I'm following the domain mapping process outlined in the Change your landing page URL guide. I updated my CNAME record in (Insert Your Provider) for the (Insert URL) subdomain and need
this information updated on your end. Please let me know when and how I should proceed. 

Thank you, 
(Your Name)

The Support Team uses this information to add the domain to the back-end. However, SSL still needs to be added to ensure the visitor's connection is secured and they don't receive an insecure warning when navigating to your content. 

Enable SSL

Your Privy landing pages must be served over SSL (HTTPS). There are two ways of approaching this. You can use your own SSL certificate or use Cloudflare's SSL proxy. 

Use your own SSL Certificate

  • Reach out to Privy Support and provide the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) from step #2 that you want to secure with the certificate. The team will use this information to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Generation of a CSR takes between 24-48 hours. 
  • Use the CSR provided by Privy Support to request a certificate from your SSL provider. Certificates should be for Nginx or Apache2x. If given an option between PKCS or X.509 format, please choose X.509. 
  • Reach back out to Privy Support via your existing ticket with the SSL Certificate. The team will add this to the Privy back-end, securing the domain and enabling it for use. 

Use a Cloudflare SSL proxy

  • Log into your Cloudflare account and navigate to the DNS section. Ensure the domain you've selected for your Privy landing pages is selected in the dropdown menu. 

  • Ensure that the CNAME record from step #2 has proxying enabled. An orange cloud icon appears next to the record if this is the case. 

  • In the Crypto section, ensure that the SSL setting is set to the Full value. Alternatively, add a page rule for all pages in the subdomain to have an SSL setting of "Full."

  • Reach out to Privy Support and provide the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) from step #2 that you secured with the proxy. The team will use this information to confirm the configuration. 


What services are compatible with Privy custom domains?

  • A custom domain is compatible with most services that allow custom CNAME records. 
  • Custom domains are not compatible with websites hosted on Heroku because of Heroku's domain name rules

Does Privy support wildcard subdomains?

  • Privy does not support wildcard subdomains. 

Can I use domain mapping to map to the root (apex) of my domain?

  • No, mapping to the root of your domain is not officially supported. If you'd like, you can use a www subdomain instead.

Can I customize the path of my landing pages?

  • No, landing pages cannot have their paths customized.

Can I host other external content on a subdomain that I use with Privy?

  • No, the subdomain will only serve landing pages and hosted pages from Privy. 
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