Use the Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

The drag-and-drop email editor allows you to quickly and easily create email messages, such as newsletters and purchase follow-ups, that your qualifying customers will receive. Use email to share updates with your subscribers, promote special offers, or encourage a purchase. Each email created with the editor will render a clean and responsive design on almost any email client and device type. 

While the drag-and-drop email editor is recommended for most users due to its ease of use, you have the option to work with custom HTML if you already have a template or if you prefer to work directly with your code. Check out this guide if you are interested in using an HTML email template. 

Create a new email

To create a new email and access the email editor: 

  • For Abandoned Cart, Customer Winback, Welcome, and Purchase Follow-up emails select the Automations dropdown menu, click the New automation button and select the desired email type. Then click the edit icon under the email that you would like to edit.
  • For one-time emails, select the  Campaigns dropdown menu and click the New email button.
  • For existing emails click the Edit Design button.

Edit the email's styles

To change the styles of your email, select the Body tab from the sidebar. This page allows you to change the width and alignment of the email's content. Additionally, it allows you to update the default background color, font, and link styling options for content added to the template. Content already included or added to the template will not change. 

Note: A content width larger than 600px is not recommended. 

Edit the email's layout

To edit your template layout, select an existing block in the preview or click and drag a new layout from the sidebar's Blocks tab. 

To further modify your existing layout, hover over a block. This action allows you to move() the block, duplicate() the block, delete() the block, or edit the size of the columns of the block. 

Edit the email's content

To add content to your template, click and drag a content element from the Content tab in the sidebar into a layout block in your email template. If you are adding images, consider checking out the Guidelines for Creative Assets guide for recommendations and best practices. To modify existing content, click on an element. Elements that contain text are editable inline with the rich text toolbar, while all other elements are customized via the sidebar options. 

Note: Any layout block that doesn't contain actual content will result in a blank space in your final email. This can be useful for creating space around an image or button.

You can add personalization to your text by including merge tags. These tags pull in values directly from the contact profiles of your email recipients.

Edit the email's sender info

To edit the email's sender information, click into the sender settings section at the top of the email editor and configure the following options. 

  1. Confirm or select a reply-to address. Any replies to the email will go to this address. 
  2. Edit the subject line. Keep it interesting, on-brand, and concise. A subject line no longer than 7 words or around 40 characters is recommended. 
  3. Provide preview text. The text appears after your subject line when viewing the email in the inbox and allows the addition of compelling copy that helps boost open rates and engagement. The text should be 35 to 55 characters and supports Merge Tags.

Note: The default "From Name" and "From Address" can be updated in the Sender Options section of your Business Information settings. 

Preview and test the email

Before you send, schedule, or publish your email, you can preview what it will look like to your recipients on different device types. You can also send a test email to yourself. 

  • To preview the email on different device types, select the Preview option at the bottom right of the editor followed by the desired desktop or mobile view tab. 

  • To send a test email to yourself, select the Send Test Email option at the top-right of the editor. 

Note: Privy will send test emails exclusively to the email address used by you to log in.

Send, schedule, or activate 

To make the email available to your customers once its design, content, and settings are ready:

  • Click the Save button in the email builder if you haven't already.
  • For one-time emails, move to the email Settings step and click the Send or the Schedule button. For all other email types, move to the Settings step and click the Activate button to allow for automated sending to future qualifying recipients. 
  • Confirm your decision in the subsequent prompt. 

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