Duplicate a Display

Convert displays can be duplicated in a single account or copied between accounts. 

Note: You must be registered as a user with the same email address in both accounts in order to copy a display between them.

Create a duplicate

Duplicates can be made within a single account in one of two ways.

  • From the Convert dashboard, select the Duplicate() button on the display you'd like to duplicate and confirm your decision in the prompt. 
  • From within the display builder, select the Duplicate button on the upper right portion of the screen. The option will be in the same area for each display status (e.g., Draft vs. Active).

Copy to another account

You must have your accounts linked to copy a display from one account to another. You can switch between accounts by clicking on the account button (where your business name appears) and selecting Switch Business

  • Navigate to the Convert > All Displays
  • Select the Duplicate() button on the display you want to copy.
  • In the prompt, select the account to which you'd like to send the copy from the dropdown menu. 
  • Confirm your decision by clicking the Copy display button. 

Note: The following display attributes are maintained in the cross-account copy: Form configuration, validations, display and thank-you page design, after-signup action, targeting rules, triggers, and schedule. Attributes or settings unique to the original account, such as automation rules, notifications, and custom fonts, will not be copied between the accounts. 

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