Collect Phone Numbers

Using Privy displays, you can collect contact phone numbers and consent for SMS marketing. This information allows you to connect with your contacts through one of the most immediate and engaging channels available. 

Note: The field used to collect phone numbers supports domestic (US) and international numbers as long as the country code is included. That said, Privy Text messages can only be sent to numbers registered in the United States and Canada (+1 country code) at this time. 

Use the phone field in a Build Your Own Display

Collecting a visitor or contact's phone number requires that you add the Phone field to your display. To add this field to a display: 

  • Navigate to Convert > All Displays. 
  • Select or create a display that contains a form. 
  • In the Create step of the display builder, select the Form fields option. 
  • Select the Add Field button, followed by the Phone option from the dropdown menu. 

  • When the Phone field is added to a display, the Text Opt-In field is automatically added as well. However, the opt-in field can be deleted if you do not plan to send messages to the collected numbers, as marketing consent is not required to collect this information for other non-marketing purposes. To remove the opt-in field, locate and select the Delete button.
  • Select an available format for your text opt-in: Disclaimer text only (recommended) or Disclaimer text with checkbox. Please be aware that the last option adds an extra step to the subscribing process, requiring visitors to mark the checkbox to become eligible to receive texts. 

  • Once the field is added and configured to meet your consent needs, select the Save changes button and finish the display as usual. The display will now be able to collect and store the phone number information from your contacts. 

Note: It's recommended that both a visitor's email address and phone number be collected. This ensures the two identifiers are associated with one another and provides the most comprehensive tracking and reporting options for you moving forward. 

Sync with other providers

Privy integrates with many of the industry's leading email service providers (ESPs). If you're working with one already, you can link your accounts to sync new Privy contacts to your existing service automatically by following these steps or searching the Knowledge Base for provider-specific steps. 

If Privy doesn't integrate with your current service, you can manually export your Privy contacts as a CSV file and import them directly into the external provider. 

Warning: To successfully sync contacts with a phone number to Klaviyo, the number must be entered using the E.164 format in the Privy display (e.g., +12223334444). Learn more

Send text messages

To send text messages to the collected phone numbers using Privy Text, please check out the Send Abandoned Cart Texts guide. Alternatively, Privy also has integrations with the following SMS messenger platforms if you do not use Privy Text to send text messages to your contacts. Please see the associated documentation for more details on each of those integrations. 

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