Disable Displays in Checkout

To prevent your displays from appearing during or after checkout, you can just use the URL targeting settings available while in the Target step of the display designer. 

To configure these settings: 

  • Select Convert > All Displays from the main navigation in your Privy account. 
  • Select the display you'd like to edit from the dashboard. 
  • Select the Target step from the display builder.
  • Select the When To Show option from the Targeting Rules section. 
  • Select the Add targeting condition option and add a "Current URL does not contain" rule.  
  • In the text area, input the key terms that appear in the browser bar during your store's checkout flow. Input each term on a separate line. Common terms include cart, checkout, and thank-you, but these terms differ by provider. Check out the example term below: 

  • After inputting your terms, select the Save option to lock in your changes. 

Nice work! Moving forward, the display won't appear during the checkout process. 

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