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Keeping your list free of unwanted contacts is essential to having newsletter campaigns perform well, which in turn will improve your chances of conversion.

The presence of bots, role addresses, and transactional addresses in your contacts list can negatively affect your campaigns, generating bounces and rejected emails. 

In this guide, we’ll cover how you can spot and remove these unwanted email addresses to improve your campaign performance!

Export contacts to a CSV

  • Navigate to Contacts via the main navigation. 
  • If you want to export a specific segment of customers, select the desired filters from the sidebar and click the Filter button. If no filters are selected, the export will contain all contacts. 
  • Select the Export X contacts dropdown menu. The number listed is the expected contact count in the export.
  • Select Download CSV from the dropdown menu's options. 
  • Confirm your decision by selecting the Email CSV button in the prompt. 

When the export is ready, an email containing a download link will be sent to the email address associated with your Privy login. To review this address, select My Information from the Account menu at the top right. 

Sort and Filter tool (Excel Users):

  • Sort by alphabetical order – select the email column and click on Sort & Filter -> Sort A to Z
  • Now that the contacts are sorted in alphabetical order, you can look for clumps of bot/transactional addresses and then move them into a new file using copy/paste
  • After copying an individual or multiple bots/transactional addresses, paste them into a new file

Keep repeating until you have processed your whole list! 

Find and Select tool :

  • To find role and transactional addresses use the Find and Select tool, first open up the Find menu by clicking on Find & Select -> Find (or press Ctrl+F):
  • In the find menu, search for common role address terms such as “admin” or “business”, and then click on Find All:
  • Once that is done, you’ll see a list below the Find All option, select and copy all of the found entries by pressing Ctrl+A and then on the Copy button in the top left corner:
  • Now that the contacts are copied to your clipboard, paste them into a new file:
  • The same process can be done for both transactional addresses and role addresses – please refer to this list of keywords for both cases.

Keep repeating until you have processed your whole list! 

Uploading file as unsubscribed

  • Go back to your Privy dashboard and navigate to your Contacts page by clicking on Contacts > All Contacts
  • Click Add Contacts and then select CSV Upload
  • Click Choose File to locate the CSV file on your computer. Once you have selected the file, click Next in the lower right corner. 

  • On the Match your columns page, you will match the file's column headers with customer attributes (fields) in Privy. Use the dropdown menus to select an existing attribute or click Create New Field to create a new custom field to store the information. After matching all of the fields and identifying one of them as the required email field, click Next
  • After matching the fields, move on to the Choose Status page where you’ll see two different options for Subscribed and Unsubscribed contacts. In this case, you’ll select the Unsubscribed option
  • Once you select the Unsubscribed option, you’ll need to confirm your selection by typing "Unsubscribed" and click on Continue > Next to proceed
  • In the last step of the import, you’ll have the option to add tags to these contacts – but this is only if you’d like to have the ability to better filter these unsubscribed contacts in the future. Once done click on Next to finalize the import process
  • Make sure to confirm if everything is correct and then click on Submit
  • Once you submit the import, you’ll see a success message popup on your Contacts page, and you will also receive an email confirming that the import was done successfully

Note: Only the email field is required in this case, but you can also match the other available fields as well

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