Use Real-time Notifications

Real-time notifications alert you when a visitor submits one of your Privy Convert displays. Notifications are set up and controlled on a per-display and per-user basis. These notifications allow you to identify and action marketing or sales opportunities quickly. 

What's included in the notification?

The notification includes the visitor's name, email address, and signup time by default. The email also includes any additional custom fields you've included in the display's form.

Note: Values for the default fields (e.g., Name) won't always be known (e.g., It hasn't been collected). If the information isn't available, these fields will not be included in the notification. 

Who gets these notifications? 

These notifications are set up and controlled on a per-display and per-user basis. Only users who have elected to receive notifications from a display will receive them. To ensure the delivery of your notifications, please whitelist Privy Notifications (

How do I enable notifications?

To enable notifications for a display: 

  • Navigate to Convert > All Displays. 
  • Select the desired display and navigate to the Follow-up step of the display builder. 
  • Click into the Notifications section. 
  • Enable the checkbox next to your information and Save

You will now receive notifications when visitors submit this display. If the display is already active, you will only receive notifications moving forward. The notifications aren't retroactive.

What do the notifications look like?

The real-time notifications include the collected visitor information along with links to the related contact profile and display. It will look something like this: 

Click and drag to move

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