Send Abandoned Cart Texts

With Privy Text, you can send abandoned cart messages to contacts who: visit your site, add an item to their cart, and then leave without completing the purchase. Sending these messages encourages your contacts to complete their purchase and is one of the most impactful things you can do to recover revenue for your business. 

Things to know

Before attempting to create and send abandoned cart texts, please review the following:

  • You must subscribe to Privy Text
  • You must integrate with Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Weebly, or Wix.
  • A contact's phone number must be collected through a Privy form with the phone field, the contact must have checked the text opt-in checkbox, and the contact must have confirmed their desire to receive messages via double opt-in to receive texts from Privy. 
  • To ensure shoppers do not receive multiple messages, you should disable abandoned checkout or abandoned cart text messages from other providers. 

Create a text

To create an abandoned cart text: 

  • On the main navigation bar, select Automations and click the New Automation button.
  • Select the Abandoned Cart Text option from the popup.
  • On the subsequent screen, update the text's default name with the Edit()  button. 

Message content

  • Customize your text by adding to or completely replacing the default placeholder content. Use the Personalize dropdown menu to populate the message with known attributes, coupon codes, and links to relevant content. If you are using Shopify or Shopify Plus, you can also use the Cart URL variable to automatically link the contact back to their cart. Check out the example below: 
Hey {{ contact.first_name }}! We noticed you left something behind. We're holding onto your cart for now, but hurry, items sell out quickly! {{ cart.url }}
  • Once you finish customizing your text message, click Save Changes

Trigger settings

Next, scroll down, locate the Trigger Settings section, and review the following: 

  1. Set your minimum cart value. Enter the minimum amount of cart value that a shopper must have to receive an abandoned cart text message. The default is 1, which means anyone who has any value in their cart should receive the text. 
  2. Set a maximum cart value (optional). Check the box to expand the option to set a maximum cart value. Use this if you plan on making tiered offers to customers with different cart values.
  3. Segment your audience by their product interests (Shopify only). Using your product IDs, determine the product(s) that the customer must have in their cart to receive the text. More information on locating your IDs and using product segmentation is available here.
  4. Set the timing of your text message. Using the Hours since last seen field, choose how much time must pass since a shopper's visit before your abandoned cart text is sent to them. The default setting is one hour but can be as long as 2 days (48 hours). 
  5. Once you finish configuring your settings, click Save Changes

Coupon settings (optional)

  • Select a coupon code. If you're using the Coupon Code personalization token, like in the example below, select an existing coupon from the dropdown menu. If none are available, select the Create more coupons option instead. Information on creating coupons is available here
Hey {{ contact.first_name }}! We noticed you left something in your cart. Still interested? Use code {{ coupon_code }} for 10% off your entire order. Hurry, items sell out quickly! {{ cart.url }}
  • Once you finish selecting your coupon, click Save Changes.

Send a text

  • Activate your text(s). Once your message(s) are ready, select the Activate button at the top of the editor. Moving forward, the text(s) will be sent to all eligible contacts who meet the criteria you set when creating the content.

Review a text's performance

After an abandoned cart text is enabled, its performance gets tracked on the Abandoned Cart Messages dashboard and in an individual delivery report. The available metrics between the two reporting options include how many messages were sent, delivered, and clicked along with the number of carts saved and the revenue generated by the saves. 

  • In your Privy account, click the Automations option in the main navigation. 
  • Locate the text message you'd like to review. The message's overall performance metrics are listed on the dashboard. Select the message to open the message's delivery report.

  • By default, the text's performance displays using percentages. To reveal the exact number that the percentages represent, hover over the bars in the chart. 

Pause or delete a text

If a text message is no longer needed, it can be paused or deleted entirely. 

Pause a text

To pause an active text message:

  • In your Privy account, click the Automations option in the main navigation. 
  • Locate and select the text message you'd like to pause. 
  • In the upper right, select the Deactivate button and confirm.

Delete a text

You must pause an active abandoned cart text to delete it. To delete a paused or draft text message: 

  • In your Privy account, click the Automations option in the main navigation. 
  • Select the Abandoned Cart Text option from the dropdown menu. 
  • Locate the text message you'd like to delete, select the Delete() button, and confirm. 
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