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Launch Your First Display
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Getting your first display launched quickly is crucial as it allows you to start engaging with and identifying visitors interested in your products. Fortunately, launching your first display is easier than ever and only a few clicks away. 


Note: This guide reviews launching the first display in a brand new account. If you're looking to create a display in an existing account as a new user, please check out this resource on the available display types and how to create them.

Before you begin

Before creating and launching your first display, it's important to confirm that your site or storefront is connected to your Privy account. If you installed Privy through the "app store" or "marketplace" of your e-commerce provider, this is done for you. However, please review this resource if you're not sure that an installation has occurred. Displays cannot display on your site or storefront if the installation hasn't happened.

Create a discount coupon

The first display is a welcome discount and requires a coupon code. This display type is recommended due to its generally good performance for all businesses. In fact, displays with a discount attached result in 5 times the conversions compared to those without one. 


Shopify users: A selection of popular coupons is available to you automatically during the setup process. Simply select an option to use one for your first display. To confirm that the Shopify integration is working correctly, perform an account test under Account > Integrations.


Non-Shopify users: Create a coupon code manually by following these steps. The discount must be appropriate for a welcome discount shown to all new visitors. Even relatively small discounts result in a substantially higher conversion rate.

Create the display

To customize and launch your first display: 

  • Navigate to Convert > All Displays.
  • Select the Launch My First Popup button shown in the "Welcome" message. 


  • Select the coupon code you'd like to offer in the prompt and select Continue. This action will open the display editor, where you'll see a default layout as a starting point for your design. 



  • To customize this layout, use the display editor to customize the display's content, tabs, and thank you page to match your brand. Please review the linked resources to collect more visitor information with additional fields or enable an automatic after signup message


  • Next, use the Desktop Preview and Mobile Preview buttons to ensure the display meets your design goals for each view. All layouts are designed for desktop and mobile responsiveness by default; however, it's always best to check. 

The display is ready to collect visitor information and can be launched on your site via the Publish button at the top right. If you aren't ready to publish, select the Save button instead. 

Add additional fields

To add additional fields to the display: 

  • Select the Save button at the top-right of the display editor. 
  • Select the Form fields card from the Create step of the display builder. 
  • Select the Add Field button, followed by the desired field from the dropdown menu. To learn more about Privy's field options, check out this guide
  • Select the Save option. 

Now that you've added more fields select the Design card from the Create step to preview their impact. Additional fields take up space, so you may need to update your previous design choices. 

Add an after signup message

To enable an after signup message for the display: 

  • Select the Save button at the top-right of the display editor. 
  • Select the Follow-up step from the display builder. 
  • Select the default message subject line to access the email editor and make any desired changes to the default content or design. Make sure to save any changes. 
  • After making your changes, switch the Published toggle to the ON position. 

The after signup message will now be sent to contacts after they signup. This message is not retroactive. If the display is already published, the message will only be sent to new signups. 

Once your first display is published, other recommended displays (e.g., Cart Saver) will appear on the Convert dashboard depending on your account's setup (e.g., Integrations). Alternatively, you can select the New display option to choose from a selection of other Privy plays or start from scratch using the Build your own option. 

To learn more about these display types, check out this resource. Privy's Getting Started Checklist is also a great place to start and a favorite of the Support and Onboarding Teams.

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