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Create a Formless Display
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A common question among users is, "Can I use a Privy display without collecting contact Information?" The answer is yes. Whether you are looking to direct a visitor to a specific page or looking to increase their cart value with a cross-sell, creating a form-free display is as simple as unchecking one of the options from within your display's settings. 

Disable the form

To remove the form from a display: 

  • Navigate to Convert > All Displays
  • Select the display with the form that you'd like to remove. 
  • In the Create step of the display builder, select the Form fields card, uncheck the Enable Form? option, and then click Save

With the form removed, any space it previously used will be empty. It’s a good idea to reevaluate your display's design and make adjustments where necessary. You might decide to simply make the display smaller or take advantage of the added space with additional buttons, images, or text. 

Once you’ve finished making any and all adjustments to your display, select Save or Publish in the upper-right corner of the preview pane. 

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