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Cancel a Privy Plan
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To cancel an existing plan:


Navigate to the My Plan & Billing page in your Privy account. 


Select the appropriate Cancel button next to the desired plan.


It is important to note that each of these plans must be managed separately and are not automatically canceled if you uninstall the application. In particular:

  • Downgrading one plan does not automatically cancel or downgrade your other plan(s).
  • Downgrading or canceling your connected e-commerce store (e.g., BigCommerce, Shopify, or Wix) does not automatically cancel your Privy plan(s).
  • Uninstalling or removing Privy from your store does not automatically cancel your plan(s).


If you choose to cancel all of your Privy products, your account will remain active on a non-paid subscription, and its information will be maintained unless the account is closed or deleted

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