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Create a Banner Display
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A banner display appears from the top or bottom of the web page and can remain visible as your visitors navigate around. The dynamic movement is a great way to get your visitors' attention. Simultaneously, the larger display size allows you to incorporate an image or multi-field form element, unlike a more streamlined bar display.


Need some inspiration before you begin? Check out some customer examples


Create the display

There are two ways to start creating a banner display:

Navigate to Convert > All Displays and click the New Display button. 


On the Plays dashboard, select the Build your own option, provide an internal name, and then click the Create Display button. 


  • In the Create step of the display builder, select the desired Form Fields and Validations for the display. Three fields or less are recommended, while the validation depends on your intended audiences and desired discount availability. 

  • Next, select the Add a Display option. 
  • Select Banner from the sidebar, choose a template to customize, and then click the Choose Selected option in the upper right. 
  • Use the display designer to configure the display to your liking.
  • Select the Save option at the upper right when you are done with your changes. 

Note: To change where the banner displays, update the tab location via the Tab Design option or the display editor's Desktop tab option. Tab locations on the left, right, or top will result in a banner that sticks to the top of the page. Meanwhile, locations on the bottom will result in a banner that sticks to the bottom of the page. 

  • After saving, a new Banner Design section will be available under the Create tab. It's best practice to use a thank-you page after the sign-up action; however, you can opt to redirect the user or do nothing instead. 
  • If the banner offers a discount, make sure to select a coupon from the Coupon codes section and include the {{ signup.coupon_code }} merge tag in the thank-you page or the after-signup message. This tag populates with your coupon code information automatically and ensures the selected coupon is provided to the visitor.  

Target the right audience

By default, a banner display appears to all visitors at all times until it is dismissed. To change any of these default options, move to the Target step, and customize the desired settings. 

  1. The When To Show setting allows you to determine when and how often the display appears to visitors. If you make any changes, please select Save
  2. The Who To Show It To setting allows you to target a more specific segment of your visitors instead of all visitors. If you update these settings to include various other attributes, activities, and behaviors, please select Save
  3. The How Long to Show It setting determines how long the display will appear to visitors. Update the setting if you'd like the display to expire on a specific fixed date and Save

Note: To make the banner appear throughout an entire visit, set the "When To Show" setting to Immediately and the "Trigger Automatically at Most" setting to No Limit

Follow-up the display

To sync the display's signups to another service or send a follow-up message to the customers who submitted the display, move to the Follow-up step, and review the following optional options:

  1. Enable and customize the default after-signup email to send an email to the individuals who decided to sign up for the display. 
  2. Select the Create series option to send additional after-signup emails. 
  3. Select the Sync signups option to sync the signups to a list in a linked account. If you're not using Privy Email, this setting is particularly important as it ensures the contact information (e.g., Email address) is available in the third-party provider.
  4. Select the Send text message option to send an after-signup text message to the individuals who decided to sign up for the display. 
  5. The Notifications setting allows you to enable or disable real-time notifications for your users. These notifications will alert the user of new display signups immediately. If you make any changes, please select Save.

Note: The text message option requires a Privy Text subscription. Additionally, a customer is only eligible to receive texts if their phone number was collected via a Privy display using the phone field, they checked the text opt-in checkbox, and they answered "YES" to the double opt-in message sent to their number. 

Launch the display

Once the display has been created, the target audience selected, and any desired follow-up messages configured, select the Publish button at the upper right of the Follow-up step and confirm your decision in the prompt. 

The banner display is now live and will appear to your qualifying customers. 

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