Privy can automatically sync your contacts over to your Bronto account. After you complete the following steps, anytime a contact of yours signs up for your Privy campaign, they will automatically be imported to your Bronto account. 

To begin: Click on the dropdown arrow on the upper right corner of your Privy account screen. 

Next, select the option labeled "Integrations".

Once you've done this, you will be brought to an area labeled "Linked Accounts". From this page, click on the icon for Bronto:

After selecting the Bronto icon you will be prompted to enter your Account NAme and Access Token for Bronto: 

Additional information on how to obtain this token is located here:

After you've obtained the appropriate information and have entered it into the fields in Privy, you will see your Bronto Account linked at the top of the "Linked Accounts" section in your Privy account. 

Note: You've just completed syncing Bronto to your Privy account overall. However you will need to enable the email sync on a per campaign basis. To accomplish this: 

Click on the "Campaigns" tab on the upper left portion of your screen: 

Then, click on the icon for your particular campaign: 

Now navigate to the campaign’s Automation settings (all the way at the right), click the "+ New Rule” button and choose which account and list you want to sync new signups to. 

Then click save.

Congratulations, you've now created your Bronto email sync! 

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